A Temperature display insulation bottle

To solve the problem of drinking water in winter,the first choice in autumn and winter—thermos bottle

At the end of September, the weather turned cold instantly, and there would be a hint of chill every morning and evening. In fact, in addition to wearing more, paying attention to warmth can solve a big problem. In this season, we can choose warm hot water instead of cold cold water, especially in autumn when it is warm and cold. And there are countless thermos bottles on the market. It can be said that they are all kinds. So is there a thermos bottle that combines long-term insulation and durable portability?


This stainless steel vacuum flask meets all my needs for vacuum flasks. In terms of color matching, there are a lot of colors to choose from and can be customized. The pure color scheme can also increase recognition and avoid mistakes. At the same time, the pearlescent technology on the surface greatly improves the quality of the bottle, even if it is not used, it will look good on the table.


The size is also just right, with a height of 235mm and a diameter of 65mm, there is no problem with carrying it around daily. The weight is controlled at about 180g, which is not too different from the weight of the mobile phones we often use. With the optional capacity of 300~500ml, no more, no less, one-time brewing of coffee can fully meet the drinking of most people.


In fact, the principle of the thermos bottle is roughly the same, all of which improve the insulation effect by increasing the airtightness. Of course, this thermos bottle is no exception, but it can be said to be the ultimate in insulation. This thermos bottle also has a new battery replacement function, which can monitor and control the temperature of the bottle anytime and anywhere, and achieve the ultimate in insulation.

Post time: Oct-09-2020