Different materials of water cups have different advantages and disadvantages, choose the wrong cup is to buy a “time bomb” for the body.

1. Paper cups

Follow one look, two smell, three touch standard, too cold or too hot water, alcoholic or acidic drinks are not suitable for disposable paper cups.

2. Plastic cups

Most plastic cups can not be filled with hot water, to choose food grade plastic cups in line with national standards.

3. Enamel cups

If the inner wall is damage, do not recommend to continue to use, and usually do not recommend using enamel cup use for acidic drinks, to avoid the dissolution of metal substances.

4. Stainless steel cups

In the choice of stainless steel cup, should choose 304 stainless steel, for stainless steel cup cleaning, remember not to use strong alkaline and strong oxidation chemical agents.

5. Ceramic cups

Choose the ceramic cup, it is necessary to choose the inner wall of colorless, non-colored glaze coated, or choose the underglaze color porcelain, such porcelain fuel will not directly contact the beverage, can avoid the dissolution of toxic substances.


When choosing glasses, it is recommended to choose high borosilicate glass, which is more heat and wear resistant than ordinary glass.

Post time: Dec-09-2022