The Best Tumbler

After leaving 16 insulated tumblers full of Slurpee in the front seat of a hot sedan, we’re convinced the Hydro Flask 22-ounce tumbler is the best for most people. Even while suffering through 112-degree heat, we found the insulating value between most tumblers to all be effective (they can all keep your drink hot or cold for a few hours). The Hydro Flask’s performance and aesthetics make it the winner.

Our favorite tumbler is Hydro Flask’s 22-ounce. Unlike a water bottle or a thermos, a tumbler is not for tossing in a bag. It retains both heat and cold only for as long as you need to get from one place to another and lets you sip easily while on the move: it’s the ultimate commuter vessel.

Five tumblers stood out during our cold-retention Slurpee test, and the Hydro Flask was in that top five. And it took second place in our heat retention test, bested by a single degree in temperature, so it will easily keep your coffee hot for the duration of your commute. But the aesthetics are why people love this thing. We chatted up a dozen people (or more) over dinner around a campfire, and they all agreed the Hydro Flask is easier to hold and more pleasing than any of the other 16 models we looked at—and this really mattered to tumbler devotees. The Hydro Flask has the slimmest, most covetable shape of all the tumblers we looked at and comes in eight pleasing powder coats. We prefer those to the plain stainless-steel tumbler, because those get uncomfortably hot to the touch if left in the sun.

Hydro Flask offers a lid with an integrated straw for the 32-ounce and 22-ounce versions of the tumbler. We’ve tried it on the larger version, and it’s awesome: secure, easy to remove and clean, and fitted with a flexible silicone mouthpiece to prevent soft-palate jabbing.

Finally, we emailed the company to ask if it was dishwasher-safe. The reply: “Although the dishwasher will not affect the insulation property of the flask, high temperatures along with some detergents may discolor the powder coat. Similarly, soaking your entire flask in hot water can discolor the powder coat.”

Post time: Nov-04-2020